Crazy. Eccentric. Obsessed. These are words others often use to describe me. True or not ( I personally think not), I will admit that I love crafting, as  you will be able to tell if you ever get the chance to meet me, and it especially shows if you ever visit my home and see my fabulous paper crafting studio I have set up in my basement.

Margie's craft room Margie's craft room Margie's craft room

I have done all kinds of crafting over the years, from jewelry making, to painting rocks, to greeting cards. If it can be cut out of paper or otherwise altered to show my creativity, I have probably done it. My current favorite as you will see when you explore my blog, is the Cricut.  If you are unfamiliar with a Cricut, I’ll give you a brief tour.

The Cricut is essentially a small computer, and when you put a specific themed cartridge in it, it uses a special blade to cut shapes out of paper or cardstock.  It can cut basic shapes, or intricate designs that can be put together for cards, calendars, or memory books. You can even etch your chosen design on a piece of glass or your favorite mirror.  The possibilities are endless, if you have a little patience and an imagination.

I began my love affair with my Cricut working in a local scrapbooking store, where I have developed classes from beginner to advanced teaching all the different things your Cricut can do.  The classes are fun for all, and almost everyone that has taken one has walked away having learned a technique they had no idea was possible.


My goal wtih this site is to be your personal Cricut guide.  I teach several different classes in the Central Ohio area, and I am willing to travel to surrounding cities with a little planning.  If you aren’t near me however, don’t despair.  On this site, you’ll find all kinds of useful information about your Cricut, from tips to get the most out of your machine, to deals, news, and much more.  I’ll answer any and all questions you might have, and if you have ideas for classes or just want to chat about your Cricut or other crafting, you’ll find that here as well.

Let me know what you think, and have fun exploring!