More Green!!

I guess after bringing in my cricut green suitcase to carry around my stuff, while wearing my cricut green shirt, with my cool new cricut inspired sunglasses perched atop my head of cricut green hair (okay, so I haven’t taken it that far….yet, but I’ll post pictures when I do), a few of my repeat students thought it would be nice to add to my collection of all things cricut green. Last week I received a green basket full of green goodies, and the latest, a pair of cricut green sandals, in my size and everything. Now I know why she was looking at my feet so intently during last months Cricut Club.

Cricut gifts Cricut gifts

Thank you to all for the gifts. It makes me think I truly am a little crazy, but they are appreciated none the same. To all you readers out there, how many of you bleed cricut green?

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