Jul 15
Forget Me Not Scrapbooking
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What would a vacation be if there wasn’t any Scrapbooking? Well, not a vacation, at least in my book. I scouted out some scrapbooking stores that were in Traverse City and planned on visiting a few. First up was Forget Me Not Scrapbooking.

Me outside FMNS in Traverse City.

A cute place with all my scrapping needs, I met a fellow scrapper and also employee who was excited to tell me a bit about the place. Not only does she share my love for crafting, but she shares Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 8
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I don’t know about all of you out there, but I love my coffee. It used to be a morning thing, where I would grab a cup, down it before I ran out the door. Now, thanks to a friend of mine in Reynoldsburg, I can take my coffee wherever I go with style. Cricut style that is.

Cricut gifts

I got this great green travel mug as a gift, and turned it into a Cricut masterpiece. Now I can have my coffee, and be reminded of how much I love to use my Cricut to decorate all things green!

This is just another great thing you can do with your Cricut!

Also make sure to keep checking back, as I am currently designing a new free file, to be posted in the next couple days!

As always, happy cutting everyone!

Jul 7

After learning the Cricut myself, I have found that there is always information you need to have at hand. After listening to my students I came up with the idea to create a handy guide so that you’ll always be ready to cut. I created my own little booklet, and give it out to everyone who takes my Cricut Basics or Design Studio class.

Cricut book

Inside you’ll find standard information such as what the various buttons do, as well as a few tips I wanted to throw in that you might always want to remember.

Cricut book Cricut book

There’s also a listing of the cartridges so you can keep a written inventory of all the cartridges you have or want, as well as a place to keep any notes you have about a particular cartridge.

My students who have these think they are really handy, and I am happy that they have one less frustration to worry about when trying to cut. And the best thing, as I think most of you will agree, is that it has a Cricut on the front!

Happy cutting everyone!

Jul 5

When I find new hobbies, or projects or even foods and restaurants (seriously, ask my family), I become passionate about it. So seriously it seems that some of my best students have discovered how obsessed I can get with my interests.

When I started cutting with my Cricut, I began to experiment with all things green. It seems fitting afterall, since the cricut logo is a cute little bright green bug of happiness. So if the cricut can make me happy, why not other things green? I search out all things of the cricut green shade, from storage options, to purses, to clothes. My favorite is when I’m not even actively looking for all things green, but something jumps out at me, as if to say “I’m green. You can’t leave me out!” I found these great sunglasses at Target when I wasn’t even looking. (I added the cricut logo. It’s not too often you find a green accessory that already has a cricut. In fact, I don’t think that’s ever happened, but it gives me a chance to cut so it’s okay.)

Cricut gifts

Are there any other cricuters like me out there, who get a little too excited about finding something cricut green? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Jul 1
More Green!!
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I guess after bringing in my cricut green suitcase to carry around my stuff, while wearing my cricut green shirt, with my cool new cricut inspired sunglasses perched atop my head of cricut green hair (okay, so I haven’t taken it that far….yet, but I’ll post pictures when I do), a few of my repeat students thought it would be nice to add to my collection of all things cricut green. Last week I received a green basket full of green goodies, and the latest, a pair of cricut green sandals, in my size and everything. Now I know why she was looking at my feet so intently during last months Cricut Club.

Cricut gifts Cricut gifts

Thank you to all for the gifts. It makes me think I truly am a little crazy, but they are appreciated none the same. To all you readers out there, how many of you bleed cricut green?

Jun 6

Wanting to standout, I tend to shy away from the standard ways of carrying my cricut from place to place. I’ve seen some of the cases and covers and while they get the job done, I’ve never found one that just combines my level of dedication to my craft, but is also totally functional.

Then I found my bright Cricut green suitcase made by Totes. (Found is probably not the right word, I spent weeks searching this out.) It’s roomy, so I can put accessories in there, provides easy access, and with all the zippers, it’s definitely secure. It has a long strap so I can carry it on my shoulder, but also wheels so it can be pulled when I’ve put in so many hours cutting that I just don’t have the strength to carry it. Did I mention it’s also the perfect shade of Cricut green?

Green suitcase

So fellow Cricuters, how do you transport your Cricut?