30 Days of Paper Dolls Day 15: African American Santa

For today, I made this African American Santa. I love doing these international Santa’s. What do you think?
You can win an African American Santa, a Paper Doll Dress Up cart, a Everyday Paper Dolls cart, or a set of all 30 paper dolls.

For details on the contest click here.

African American Santa

For my African American Santa, I used:

Be sure to come back for more!
If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

14 Responses

  1. bmmcham Says:

    I love this African American Santa. I am not African American but I have friends who are and they will love this.

  2. estherwheat Says:

    Love the attention to detail that you have shown. Great job!

  3. NemoMom07 Says:

    Once again you have done a tremendous amount of detail work on this doll. Very nice.

  4. beccafabozzi Says:

    He looks great. This is such a great contest, you are so creative and talented. I would love to win one of your paper dolls.

  5. alwayscharlie Says:

    Another great paper doll. Love the hair/beard.

  6. crazyforcricut Says:

    What a great doll!! Keep em coming!!! Hard to believe you are halfway through already!

  7. grannyss1 Says:

    Another good Santa. I never thought to use doll hair on the paper dolls.

  8. LGanske Says:

    The detail that you have put into these dolls is tremendous.

  9. rock Says:

    where does your imagination end? how many hours thinking? how many hours creating? how many hours posting? amazing energy and talent

  10. Candie Says:


  11. LisaRN499 Says:

    He is fantastic!!!! I love the detail you put into him!

    Great job!!!!

    Lisa 🙂

  12. Donna Says:

    This Santa is adorable, you really do great work and go into so much detail. TFS


  13. rap Says:

    Great job on this. Great idea to be including.

  14. CraftyCathy Says:

    Hey, he has the same hair as me!
    Good job!


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