30 Days of Paper Dolls Day 6: Sledding Boy

Today’s doll is this cute little blond sledder.

You can win this cute little guy, a Paper Doll Dress Up cart, a Everyday Paper Dolls cart, or a set of all 30 paper dolls.

For details on the contest click here.

Sledding boy

To make this cutie, I used:

I’ve had several people ask me questions about this project. To answer, I decided to do this because paper dolls are probably my favorite thing to make and this seemed like a neat idea (although it’s a lot of work!). I try to make a few at a time, but sometimes I lose track of time and I’ll look up and realize I’ve just spent all day on one doll. I have been making four copies of each one: one for the daily giveaway, one for the end of the month giveaway, one for myself, plus I’d like to have an extra set to decorate my Christmas tree for my Winter Cricut Swarm in December. For more details on that click here. It’s been lots of fun so far, so we will keep going. Don’t forget to keep coming back for more!

If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

23 Responses

  1. glorybound Says:

    Just how do you make those eyes.Good Job

  2. alwayscharlie Says:

    He is so adorable! I love seeing the new creations every day!

  3. marjorielindley Says:

    Oh my gosh! Does he look like my son. WOW LUV IT.

  4. LGanske Says:

    You have done a fabulous job on all of these. I can’t wait to see what else you have done

  5. msmisse Says:

    I want to go sledding, let me grab my mitts and hat. He is so cute!!

  6. LisaRN499 Says:

    Oh he is a cutie pie!!!! Your dolls are sooo adorable, what can I say!!! I used to collect paper dolls when I was younger, which is where I got my first obsession with paper! LOL

    Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic creations with us!!!


  7. Donna Says:

    Just makes you want to go sledding. Adorable little boy with beautiful eyes.


  8. nancylou59404 Says:

    Very cute. I love the hats—Nancy

  9. Candie Says:

    This Is A Great Little Winter
    Doll, Love It!!!

  10. scrapmom49 Says:

    He’s cute. He does make you want to go sledding.

  11. Anna Says:

    I love how you do the faces on your dolls!

  12. cvansyckle Says:

    I would also love to know what face stamps you use to make all these adorable faces?

  13. Maria Says:

    He’s adorable!!!

  14. Crazy about Cricut Says:


    I don’t use any stamps. I draw all of my faces on by hand. Thanks for the compliments!

  15. Clicker Says:

    I think your sledder is so cute. I just wish we had more snow here for him to enjoy (and for me!)

  16. grannyss1 Says:

    This doll is another great one. I only wish we didn’t get snow.

  17. NemoMom07 Says:

    The way you captured his eyes is uncanning. You can just see the boyish joy in his eyes.

  18. bonniebug Says:

    He is so cute,I am so loving these paperdolls.

  19. LisaMH Says:

    So cute!!! you are so creative will all the dolls.. and the faces… I need to learn how to use my peachy keen stamps one of these days 🙂

  20. rap Says:

    He looks great. All ready to hit the snow!

  21. maryjean Says:

    Girl I can’t believe how cute these dolls are!

  22. Aimado Says:

    Now all we need is some snow!

  23. teachermom Says:

    Ohhh, I have the perfect layout to put a guy like this on!! Am looking forward to some spare time so I can make him. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!!!

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