And the winner is….

So after a month long Paper Doll frenzy, it’s time to announce the winners of my monthly contest.

The winner of the set of all 30 Christmas Paper Dolls is:

  • Cassandra VanSyckle

The winner of the Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge is:

  • Kimblerly Wilkinson

The winner of the Everyday Paper Doll Cartridge:

  • Donna Cloud

For those who missed yesterday’s post or were unable to guess the doll, it was Where’s Waldo?


I got a lot of questions this month about my dolls, so I thought today would be a good day to answer.

The most common ones:

  • Where do you get your face stamps?

I rarely use stamps. I don’t have anything against them, but I like to draw my faces by hand. I find it gives my dolls my own unique touch that you can’t achieve from a stamp.

  • How long does each doll take to make?

Since I designed a lot of the pieces from each doll using Design Studio, it took roughly 4-5 hours for each doll from start to finish, including designing, cutting, putting together and embellishing. The longest one was my African American Santa which took about 8 hours to complete.

  • Which one is your favorite?

I really enjoyed making them all, I don’t think I could pick a favorite.

  • Which doll has been the most popular?

The Grinch. I didn’t expect it, but it most definitely has been. I also got quite the feedback on the Charlie Brown. I guess everyone really enjoys their Christmas on TV each year!

  • Are you going to put the Design Studio files for the dolls up?

I have not yet decided what to do about that. Keep checking for more info.

  • Are the dolls for sale?

Yes. You can purchase the dolls individually or a whole set by clicking here.

Thanks for looking at my dolls everyday! I had tons of fun and couldn’t have done it without all the kind words everyday!

If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

10 Responses

  1. SKirkham Says:

    Congrats to the winners! I need to get these carts myself some time.

  2. Tazmadazz Says:

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful dolls!!

  3. Anna Says:

    I enjoyed checking your site for the new doll everyday. Congrats to all of the winners!

  4. Kate Says:

    Congratulations to the winners. You will love these cartridges. There is SO much you can do with them. Enjoy!
    And thanks for hosting another fun contest! I enjoyed seeing all your creations – and getting some wonderful ideas!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Donna Says:

    Yeah!! I am in shock, I never win anything and was so surprised to see my name. Thanks so much.


  6. cvansyckle Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have both of the cartridges, so winning all the wonderful dolls just made my month!!! We just put up our tree and it only has 3 decorations on it so all of your wonderful dolls are going on my tree! I loved each and every one and am amazed by your talent and time you put into each and every one! Thank you so much again!! I’ll make sure to take photos of my tree after I get them and put them up!

  7. Gina Says:

    Im truely happy for all of the winners! Congrats!
    I really am going to miss checking you sight everyday for the next doll. Thank you for all of your hard work. Your dolls were/are delightful. Nice way to end the day with Waldo.

  8. moknowsall Says:

    this was a great project. Loved every doll. You are quite an inspiration – good luck.


  9. cvansyckle Says:

    Just wanted to tell you Hubby as excited (if not more) than I am that we won the Paper Dolls. We sat down and I showed them all to him and he was so impressed by how fantastic they all were! And now every where we go he tells anyone who will listen that we are getting these wonderful paper dolls to put on our Christmas Tree. You should have seen the waitresses face at JB’s when he told her! I just smiled and tried not to laugh! He won’t let me put any more ornaments on our tree until “OUR” dolls get here!! So Thank You Again! You have given me a very special GIFT! My husband’s SMILE!

  10. cvansyckle Says:

    I received my Paper Dolls today and the are AMAZING! I wish you could see them in person! The detail is Wonderful! There is so much personality in each and every Doll! Hubby and I laid them all out and just drooled over every single doll! Hubby’s favorites are Charlie Brown and the Grinch! I just love them all! We are going to add ribbon to the back of all of them and add them to out tree. I’ll add the link to my blog with the photo when we get them all up. Each doll even came in it’s own separate package with a bow tied on it. If you have been thinking about buying one or more of these….DO IT!! They are totally worth more than what she is asking! Your friends and family will be amazed by how cute they really are! Thank you so much again!! You have helped Hubby and I have a Perfect Christmas!

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