Christmas Paper Dolls Day 27: Boy with Lights

It’s almost time for one of the best parts of Christmas: the decorations. I love Christmas lights so I thought it would be fitting to use them in my paper dolls. So today I made this boy with Christmas lights. Cute huh?

I used one of my favorite new products for this doll (and many of the others), Liquid Applique. If you have never used it, you should try it, it’s AWESOME. Especially for things like fur and snow. I used it on both Joseph’s beard and the sheep. It comes in lots of colors but for the holidays the white has been the most useful.

You can win today’s doll, a Paper Doll Dress Up cart, a Everyday Paper Dolls cart, or a set of all 30 paper dolls.

For details on the contest click here.


To make this doll, I used:

We’ve still got a few days to go, so don’t forget to come back!
If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

14 Responses

  1. Anna Says:

    Very cute! I love the glitter on the lights!

  2. roxybonds Says:

    Super cute!!!

  3. beccafabozzi Says:

    Love him. I love Christmas decorations too. Super cute.

  4. NemoMom07 Says:

    Now that reminds me of what we have coming up in the next few days….. decorations and mayhem. He is really cute. I love his little facial expression.

  5. alwayscharlie Says:

    How cute! Looks like how I spent my day!!

  6. estherwheat Says:

    Love this guy! Looks like my hubby putting up lights!

  7. watgirl Says:

    I love the eyes. The expression is priceless.

  8. rap Says:

    I feel like that sometimes trying to put up lights.

  9. LGanske Says:

    How cute and funny

  10. LisaRN499 Says:

    Oh he is adorable!!! I love your Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus! You are so talented!!

  11. Gina Says:

    It looks just like the old stop motion movie called “Santa Clause is Coming To Town” down to his little hat & reindeer, they are perfect! I just love it.

  12. Donna Says:

    Really cute. You did a great job.


  13. thehomans Says:

    So cute, this is totally my husband putting up our lights! Lol, thanks for the laugh, and for sharing.

  14. Croppin4Christ Says:

    I missed checking these out while I was on vacation! So cute!!

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