Cricut Basics Class

So you splurged and bought a cricut. Or convinced someone close to you to buy it for you. You’ve probably looked at the instruction manual, maybe looked at the cartridges. It can be a bit intimidating. There’s so much to learn, and you probably want to start cutting right away. If you don’t have the desired results right away, have no fear. Cricut Basics is here.

Peace, Love, Cricut

This class is just what the name says, only much more. This is a class for those who have a Cricut, have used it a bit, but really want to push the limits and get the most out of their new toy. Also great for those who have a Cricut but don’t know where to begin, as this is a step by step instruction right out of the box. You’ll not only learn how to use your Cricut to achieve stunning designs, but also some hints and tips you won’t get experimenting with it on your own.

Cricut Basics is $25 per person, and is a three hour class. Keep in mind, the class might run over about 15 minutes depending on the number of people. I want to make sure you have all the information you need so you walk out feeling confident in your ability to create extraordinary things. This class is also available for one on one instruction and as a private class. Keep in mind that if you host a class in your home, you get the class for free! For more information about hosting, check out the host a class page.

In addition to a Cricut machine you’ll need to bring the following:

If you don’t have a George or Planting Schoolbooks cartridge, you’ll need a cartridge with both upper and lowercase fonts.

Don’t yet own a Cricut, but were thinking of purchasing? Take this class and come see all that it can do.  Let me know in advance and I can bring a Cricut so you can get hands on experience before you take the plunge.  This is also a great way to explore and compare the different models, so you can decide if you would rather have a Personal, Create, or Expression.