July Cricut Club-Paper Dolls

If you are like me and like detailed projects, have I got a treat for you. Paper dolls, in this case the Wizard of Oz characters. This is a class I am currently doing with my Cricut Club , and although it was time consuming, it was definitely a lot of fun for those involved.

Paper dolls

For this project, I used the basic designs of C Swarts, who I met on the cricut.com message boards and the Paper Doll Dressup Cartridge.

In this particular class, there wasn’t a lot any cutting on the students part, as I had made up kits in advance and had one ready for each person to put together their own characters.

Paper dolls Paper dolls

Everyone had the same pieces and parts, and had fun putting together each individual character, but the details, such as faces, were all up to each student’s creativity and imagination.

Paper dolls Paper dolls

I am teaching this class all month, so I have several different classes. Originally I wanted each student to be able to cut out their own pieces to make the finished project themselves, however I quickly discovered that wasn’t going to happen in a two hour class. So I set out to cut out each character and after making up the characters for display, I cut out what seems like hundreds of bodies, clothing and hats, as well as all the various details. You wouldn’t want a Tin Man without a heart, and what’s Dorothy without Toto?

Paper dolls Paper dolls Paper dolls

So it was definitely more that I had originally anticipated but after witnessing the excitement from my class as they had fun gluing their pieces together and drawing on faces, I have to say, it was worth it.

If you are interested in making your own Wizard of Oz paper dolls, check out the Events page for a class near you. Eventually I plan to make this class into a workshop setting, where each person brings their Cricut and spends an entire day cutting out their individual pieces themselves. I am planning a weekend so keep checking back if interested, and hope to see you soon!

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  1. grannyss1 Says:

    These are adorable. What great embellishments for a scrapbook page. I have the cartridge, but haven’t done much with it.

  2. scraphappy Says:

    These are so cute.. I just ordered this cart can’t wait to create.

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