Colored Cricut Craze

A couple days back I did a post about LaShaun and her Pink Cricut, and it seems to have started a trend.

Browsing through the Cricut message board, I found several people painting their Cricut machines. I know it was done before, but it seems like the thing to do these days. I’d like to think I had something to do with that. Just kidding, but it is fun to watch! And as you can see it doesn’t have to be limited to just pink either!

Faithfule's Purple Cricut Machine

I found user Faithfule’s purple E, and although she thinks LaShaun’s was better, I have to say, I think hers is fabulous!

One of my personal favorites is this one by Alice Brown. She did hers in scarlett and grey! She even took an extra step and added little silver decorations on hers. GO BUCKS!!!

Alice Brown's Red E

Alice Brown's Red  E

User Twinkle chose to stay with the pink theme, although she used a lighter shade than LaShaun.

Pink Cricut by Twinkle

Thanks ladies for letting me share your pictures with all the others out there. Hopefully you’ll inspire someone else to take their creativity to that next level.

Happy Cricuting!!!

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  1. Jhickman Says:

    wow those are awesome! Brave I can not paint.

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