Japan Relief

There is no doubt that the recent events in Japan have devastated our people, our country, and our world. It is even more upsetting when you have family or loved ones that you can’t get ahold of in such a tragedy. I want to thank those of you who called, emailed, or otherwise expressed concern for my relatives in Japan. Thankfully, they have all been accounted for and are doing okay. Others however are not, and it will be a long time, if ever, before things will go back to normal for many, many people. If you would like to help, even in a small way, one of the companies I am affiliated with, Close to My Heart has created a stamp specifically for this purpose. The cost is $5, and 100% of the money collected will be donated to the Red Cross for use in earthquake/tsunami relief efforts in Japan. Buy 1 or buy 100, but know that it’s for a good cause. Most importantly in times like these, we should all take minute and be thankful for what we have because you never know when you’re life will be changed forever.

Below is a photo of my brothers, sister and I with our Japanese relatives on my first visit to Japan in 1997.


Go to my Close To My Heart page for more information or contact me through this site if you have questions. Please don’t leave a comment with a question regarding this matter, as I might not see it right away. Thanks again for everyone’s efforts.

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