I don’t know about all of you out there, but I love my coffee. It used to be a morning thing, where I would grab a cup, down it before I ran out the door. Now, thanks to a friend of mine in Reynoldsburg, I can take my coffee wherever I go with style. Cricut style that is.

Cricut gifts

I got this great green travel mug as a gift, and turned it into a Cricut masterpiece. Now I can have my coffee, and be reminded of how much I love to use my Cricut to decorate all things green!

This is just another great thing you can do with your Cricut!

Also make sure to keep checking back, as I am currently designing a new free file, to be posted in the next couple days!

As always, happy cutting everyone!

3 Responses

  1. Gigi Says:

    Hey, that’s great! How did you get it to stick? Is it dishwasher safe?


  2. RaiderSoonerMom Says:

    I love this! How did you do it? What a clever idea!

  3. josi222 Says:

    oh that is awesome! my mug is pink and I think that our beloved green bug would look fabulous peeking from its side! how did ya do it and i, too, want to know if its dish washer safe! lol TFS such a great idea!!

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