My Cricut Book

After learning the Cricut myself, I have found that there is always information you need to have at hand. After listening to my students I came up with the idea to create a handy guide so that you’ll always be ready to cut. I created my own little booklet, and give it out to everyone who takes my Cricut Basics or Design Studio class.

Cricut book

Inside you’ll find standard information such as what the various buttons do, as well as a few tips I wanted to throw in that you might always want to remember.

Cricut book Cricut book

There’s also a listing of the cartridges so you can keep a written inventory of all the cartridges you have or want, as well as a place to keep any notes you have about a particular cartridge.

My students who have these think they are really handy, and I am happy that they have one less frustration to worry about when trying to cut. And the best thing, as I think most of you will agree, is that it has a Cricut on the front!

Happy cutting everyone!

14 Responses

  1. Ends Says:

    You are to cricut cutting what a stalker is to his stalk-ey.

  2. Sassy Says:

    I am impressed with how well organized you are regarding the Cricut. You make it so much easier for yourself. Great job!

  3. debsparks Says:

    Do you offer your Cricut Book for those who can not attend your classes because we are too far away? I am also impressed with your organization and since I am new to Cricut, I think this would be a very helpful learning aid.

  4. grannyss1 Says:

    Your cricut book is terrific. You are truly passionate about your work.

  5. tommyboysgirl6 Says:

    I was wondering the same thing as debsparks. Do you have it able to email? Thanks.

  6. Crazy about Cricut Says:

    I don’t currently offer the book for sale, but it’s in the works. Be sure to keep checking back as I am constantly doing updates and listening to everyone’s ideas. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  7. RaiderSoonerMom Says:

    I love this! Please blow some of your creative dust and organization towards me! I am in dire need!

  8. mccat Says:

    I am new to using the cricut and die cuts. I will be using it specifically for scrapbooking. What is the easiest/best way of securing the die cuts to the pages? I am especially concerned about some of the more delicate/intricate pieces. Thanks for your web site!

  9. Crazy about Cricut Says:

    I use a few different methods. My ATG gun is great for that, it’s basically a small tape gun used almost exclusively for scrapbooking. I also use a Xyron Create-A-Sticker Machine which is a stickermaker/laminator. For more delicate items, you can use Zig Glue Pens. All of these things come in different sizes and are pretty readily available at places like Jo-Ann so it’s pretty easy to find the right size for your particular project. Hope this helps!

  10. nwarner Says:

    I too can not take your class but would be interested how you made your book. I am new to cricut and scrapbooking.

  11. adrianamtz Says:

    I wanted to know what I could do since I am in Texas, I am unable to attend one of your classes but I would love to know how you made your book, I would truly appreciate it.

  12. rhaun Says:

    Awesome idea…and a good way to use my bind it all that rarely gets used.

  13. Kris Says:

    Just found your site…would love to be able to take one of your classes, but I am too far away. Is your cricut booklet available for purchase?

  14. tnorman Says:

    Hey, I see it’s been about a year since the posts about your book that you created. I just now found your site and am really interested in one. Have you created any for sale? I would absolutely love it!!! Plus I think it would help me from ordering a cartridge that I already have….

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