My organization…if you can call it that

When I first got into crafting, I didn’t have much space. I also didn’t have nearly enough stuff so that wasn’t a problem. As time went by, and I started learning a little bit more and getting into it more, I realized that in order to create the best stuff, you have to have everything. And I do mean everything.

Organizational tools

Come into my craft room and you’ll see what I mean. I should start by saying that my scrapping room started as a small room upstairs that was barely able to hold a full size bed. When it got to the point that my family wouldn’t come visit me in that room because there was nowhere to stand let alone sit, I knew that I had to do something. Luckily it was at this point that my youngest son decided to move across the country. I shouldn’t say luckily (Miss you Rob!!!), but it just so happens that he was using our extremely large basement as his bedroom. So he moved out, and I moved in. It didn’t take long to fill that up, but I made myself promise that I was not going to let the basement get as crowded as my previous space. So far I’ve been doing a good job, but some days it’s hard. There are so many new products coming out everyday and if you’re as serious about scrapbooking and paper crafting as I am, well, you just gotta have it all. I kid, of course, although those that know nothing about the art disagree when they visit my room. What can I say? It looks like more than it actually is.

Organizational tools Organizational tools

Those that know me know that I love containers and small boxes. I have been known to clear out a place if it has a particular basket that I like. And if it just so happens to be Cricut green, watch out! So I’ve got a lot of conventional tools for organization, and some not quite so. Sometimes I try to put things to what I think are their born uses. For example, I bought a compact disc storage unit that rotates to store craft supplies and magazine holders to store folders and various cardstock. One of my favorites is an antique cabinet that was once used to hold the type for printing presses. It belonged to my husbands uncle and when he passed away, it became ours. Obviously we don’t have a printing press (although imagine what I could create with that!), so I put it to good use by storing paper crafting supplies. So not only is it unconventional, but also sentimental.

Organizational tools Organizational tools

These are just a few of my imaginative storage ideas. If it has drawers, cabinets or empty space at all, I don’t bother trying to figure out what it’s supposed to hold, because in my mind it’s all supposed to store crafting supplies.

How about you? What kind of creative storage and organization do you use for your scrapping supplies?

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  1. Sherry McDaniel Says:

    WoW!!! What a great job organizing.

  2. AMANDREW05 Says:

    I notice that you don’t store your ribbon on your bottom two shelves of you wall organizer. do you have a better way of storing them.

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