New Cricut Cartridges

So just when I think I’m all caught up, Provo Craft throws more at me!

I got my Gypsy, I was all excited, but now I find out there are more cartridges coming.

Problem is, unlike some of the carts (Superman, Batman), I just don’t have a use for, this new set is a winter themed which is my favorite. Snowfriends, Tags, and Snowflakes. I want all of these, but to wait to get them means I won’t get to use them this winter season probably, since they won’t be available until late November. I’ve heard Provo Craft is going to be doing this seasonally. Three carts every quarter. This is a neat idea, but who can keep up?

I think for the time being I might just play around with my Gypsy. That should take my mind off the fact that I there is stuff out there that I don’t have, or need. What do you guys think?

If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

2 Responses

  1. iluv2scrap206 Says:

    I think play with the gypsy and forget about the rest… right after you let us know who won the PINK JOURNEY CART

  2. Anna Says:

    I LOVE Christmas. These three carts are perfect for me. Have fun with your gypsy! I want to save up for one, but Provo Craft keeps releasing new cartridges that I want. What is a girl to do?? 🙂

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