Overlay Cheat Sheets

Maybe my eyes are going bad, or maybe the overlays that come with the cartridges are just too small for the average person. (That has to be it!)

After struggling every time I wanted to make something to see the teeny tiny pictures on the overlays, I decided to do something about it myself. I believe someone made one of these for the Paper Doll Dress Up cart, so I decided to do a few of my own.

Everday Paper Dolls Overlay

This one is the new Everyday Paper Dolls. I could not tell the difference between the boy and the girl and the different pieces of clothing, so here is my way of making it easier. This has helped me out a lot so I hope it helps you just as much. I am going to post a few more carts soon, so please keep checking back.

For a resizable and printable version of this overlay, click here.

If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

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