A new way to tote your Cricut, while also staying green (Cricut green, of course!)

Wanting to standout, I tend to shy away from the standard ways of carrying my cricut from place to place. I’ve seen some of the cases and covers and while they get the job done, I’ve never found one that just combines my level of dedication to my craft, but is also totally functional.

Then I found my bright Cricut green suitcase made by Totes. (Found is probably not the right word, I spent weeks searching this out.) It’s roomy, so I can put accessories in there, provides easy access, and with all the zippers, it’s definitely secure. It has a long strap so I can carry it on my shoulder, but also wheels so it can be pulled when I’ve put in so many hours cutting that I just don’t have the strength to carry it. Did I mention it’s also the perfect shade of Cricut green?

Green suitcase

So fellow Cricuters, how do you transport your Cricut?

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  1. lindainwa Says:

    That is really cute. I have the one from CricutMachine.com and it works well for hauling my computer around. I have the black and green CGull tote as I also teach DS and Cricut classes privately and do take it with me.
    Looking forward to checking out all that you have to offer.


  2. kimber7134 Says:

    This is absolutely cute. I have a rolling tote but its not actually made for the cricut I have it for the baby nothing for my E. How cute and thanks

  3. lawatson Says:

    i just got one of the cgull bags a dream come true. i was about to give up on a bag for the expression.

  4. indytrishd Says:

    Now that you’ve teased us with this bag, where did you find it? Would love to add it to my collection of Cricut green. 🙂

  5. Crazy about Cricut Says:

    I found it at at Totes store, just out of the blue. Be sure to enter my contest for this month (look at the top of the front page) for a chance to win one!

  6. scrapsofmyheart Says:

    I think that is great considering I went to my first Cricut class and carried everything in by hand. Need to get something soon.

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  8. EllenMangione Says:

    If you say it works, I believe you. You haven’t steered me wrong yet. Do you have any classes coming up soon? I need help with my DS and Gypsy.

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