UPDATED: Drawing with your Cricut the easy way

Think your Cricut is only good for cutting? Think again.

Color inks and Quickutz

You can draw with your Cricut as well. There are some conventional ways such as Cricut color inks. The Cricut color inks are great, but they are essentially markers. What if you want a thinner line? There holders you can get to attach to your machine and switch out the pens and these are great, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble of finding or making one, there are also Quickutz Silhouette Pens. They are made for the Silhouette which is similar to your Cricut, but these pens actually fit in your Cricut machine, and they are pretty inexpensive and easy to use. Both the Cricut color inks and the Quickutz pens come in several different colors and you use them with your cartridges just as though you were cutting. As you can see in the above photo, I took my Quickuts apart to see if you can just refill it with a regular pen of that size. Although I have not yet tried it, I think it might work and I’ll keep you posted when I do.

UPDATE: I went to Staples and bought some gel pens. I took them apart and cut the ink part to fit the Quickutz and it worked beautifully! No more pen holders for me!

Quickutz Pens

The images on the top were done with the Cricut colored inks, the bottom done with the Quickutz pens.

If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

3 Responses

  1. PGolden Says:

    when you say ‘cut the ink part’ what size pens did you buy? the regular gels or the mini’s? what did you cut? 🙂 this inquiring mind wants to know!

  2. Crazy about Cricut Says:

    Just regular pens. When you take it apart, just take out the plastic tube with ink in it and cut it to fit. It works great!

  3. missychan Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the QuickCuts “cutdown” tip!!! I have the Cricut markers, but at least 2 out of every pack I buy are always dried out. And, as you mentioned, what if I want a thinner line? So- I’ve bought the “rubber grips” and the other suggested things from the Cricut MB to “retrofit” the Staples Mini Gels, but that’s kind of a pain in the neck. I’ve seen the “adapters” that some of the hubbies are making too- look great, but to be honest, I can’t justify spending that much money on a “pen holder”, lol!

    So- THANK YOU MUCHLY for the QuickCuts idea. I CAN justify those, since I can use them ’till they dry up, and then use them as adapters for the mini gels. YEAH!!!

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