Which do I choose? Part 3: Make the Cut

I’ve told you about Cricut Design Studio and SCAL these past two days. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about Make the Cut.

Make the Cut is a brand new software system for your Cricut machine (it was just released last month!). Like SCAL it is a third party program, so you need to proceed with caution as it can void the warranty on your Cricut and/or shut down if Provo Craft decides to do the right firmware update.

Also like, SCAL you don’t need cartridges, that’s part of the appeal. What’s the difference you ask?

Well for one thing, it’s much easier to use. The Cricut concept was designed for the average crafter who wanted an easy way to cut things out without having to buy an expensive intimidating plotter used by graphics designers and computer experts. It’s pretty easy to use the basic functions of it right out of the box. Since not everyone is a computer genius, programs like Sure Cuts A Lot and even Cricut’s own Design Studio can be very intimidating. Make the Cut is not. You don’t have to mess around with Inkscape  (unless you want to, you’ll get more detailed images) which is one common complaint with SCAL, your files are opened right into MTC, skipping that dreaded middleman.


  • No more cartridges. With this program you should not have to buy any more carts and you can cut all of the images from them.
  • While it is still relatively new, the developer seems very interested in pleasing everyone and has been doing updates like crazy, so it seems like he wants a perfect product.
  • Looks a lot like DS so if you’re familiar with that, you’ll do great.
  • Easy to use and the learning curve is minimal. If you are familiar at all with DS (and if you own a Cricut and a computer, you should be!), you will be able to use this program without all the intimidation and frustration of SCAL.
  • There is a free trial version, although it cuts a small mark into your images. Also right now you can get the software at 40% off the regular price of $129.95, although I’m not sure for how long so you better hurry!
  • The developer promises no charges for updates.
  • A great forum on the program itself so you don’t have to close out of it and search the net for info.
  • A great feature is the notes page. Each page allows you to keep notes, so you’ll always know where you got your image, the size etc.
  • This program was designed by a developer whose  wife owns a Cricut and knows how it works and what features she wants. So essentially this is almost like having a Cricut user like yourself doing the updates.


  • It is third party software which means that like SCAL, Provo Craft really doesn’t like it as the idea of no cartridges means no more $$$ for them. Also could void your warranty on your Cricut and be shut down. You know the deal by now. Proceed with caution.
  • It’s new. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but although it’s getting tons of rave reviews, it’s gonna take time to find out if it sticks around. I’d like to think the developer will continue with the awesome updates and such, but only time will tell.
  • No Mac version as of yet, but they’re working on one.

Bottom line? Due to the ease of use, this software could easily take the place of SCAL for those of us who just want to craft without being tech friendly. And there are a lot of us, so it could happen. If you want a program that is easy to use and gives you  unlimited access to fonts, I recommend this program.  I personally love Make the Cut and I hope that doesn’t change. It’s a great program for those of us who want something easy to use and the idea of no cartridges is a wonderful thing. Let’s just hope that lasts!

Oh, and if you are in my area I am having my first Make the Cut class on Monday night, see the events page for more details and contact me if you are interested.

Come back tomorrow for a bit about the Gypsy as well as a roundup!

If you can think it… you can Cri-cut!

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  1. cvansyckle Says:

    Thank you Amy…I’ll have to check it out!

  2. cvansyckle Says:

    Yikes…Now I have to buy it…I just played with the trial version and you can even click on one button and it makes a shadow for you! You can’t do that with Design Studio or Sure Cuts a Lot! Plus I went thru their freebies and got to page 80 before my eyes got tired! Worth it just for that! Thanks Amy!

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