One More Colored Cricut….And That’s Not All

It seem’s like everyone these days is painting their Cricuts! First we did a feature on LaShaun and her pink Cricut. She made a video about how she did hers. Since then, it seems everyone is painting their Cricuts. And not just pink. And it’s not just their Cricuts.

Felllow Cricut-er Charlotte painted hers yellow. But that’s not all. She painted her jukebox to match! Talk about creative! Check out her blog and her new yellow machinery here.

Thanks Charlotte!

Also, keep an eye out for one more painted Cricut…this one is Cricut green! It seems the winner of our Simply Sweet Contest also painted her Cricut, and she chose green! She’ll be featured later this week, so be sure to check back for that!

If you can think it…. you can Cric-cut!

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  1. jers52 Says:

    fun to see all the creative circuts — now my ‘white’ one is looking so plain…

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