Anyone in St. Louis? I might be in your area

Hi everyone! I am thinking about scheduling some classes in the St. Louis area the last weekend in August, maybe Friday 8/28 and Saturday 8/29, but I wanted to get a feel for how many people are interested in taking a class there. I’ll probably do Cricut Basics and Design Studio for sure, but it might turn out to be more depending on how many people I have. I also was thinking about doing an all day workshop.

Also, as of right now I don’t have a location for the classes. I have some ideas, but if you know of a facility that has accommodations that would allow me to teach my classes, such as a church or community center, that would be really great. Plus, you can take both classes for free! Any other ideas for locations are greatly appreciated.

The dates and location are tentative for right now. I am just trying to get a feel for how many people are interested, so please if you are interested, let me know. You don’t have to commit to anything of course, I’m just trying to see gauge interest. You can contact me using the contact form here on the site, or leave a comment on this post!

Thanks everyone and Happy Cricuting!!

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  1. grandma Says:

    I am very interested in taking your class 8/28,29/09. I am a beginner and need all the help I can get. Please give me address when class is confirmed as I live 150 from St. Louis. It would be no problem as I have many friends in the area.

  2. ralphieadie Says:

    You might try Hobby Lobby in Ballwin on Manchester Road for a room. The room is free, provided that they don’t already have something scheduled. I scheduled a swarm using their room, unfortunately, only one person signed up.

    Welcome to STL

  3. Susan Chatterton Says:

    I would be interested in classes on how to use the latest Cricuts. Please keep me informed on dates and times.

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