Forget Me Not Scrapbooking

What would a vacation be if there wasn’t any Scrapbooking? Well, not a vacation, at least in my book. I scouted out some scrapbooking stores that were in Traverse City and planned on visiting a few. First up was Forget Me Not Scrapbooking.

Me outside FMNS in Traverse City.

A cute place with all my scrapping needs, I met a fellow scrapper and also employee who was excited to tell me a bit about the place. Not only does she share my love for crafting, but she shares something else very near and dear to me. Her name happens to be Margie. Two Margie’s in a Scrapbooking store? I mean how much more fun can you have on a vacation? If my kids are reading this, I have one thing to say, I am NOT lame. Scrapbooking is fun!!!

Me at the beach!

I had a really great time browsing the store and getting to know what they do. They have a lot to do with Cricut stuff so of course I was almost in heaven. They also offer classes, demonstrations and even rent out Cricut machines, as well as cartridges. How cool is that? Maybe someday I’ll have enough Cricuts to start something like that myself. Ahhh. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

Do you make special trips to scrapping stores when you go on vacation or do you just do normal vacation-y stuff like go to the beach?

I did go to the beach by they way, it just wasn’t as fun as Forget Me Not. If you’re ever in the Traverse City area, you should definitely check it out. Check out their website here for all the fun stuff they do just in case.

Me at the beach!

Until next time fellow Cricuters, Happy Cutting!

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  1. pways Says:

    I live in Traverse City I love Forget me Knots

  2. bast Says:

    It’s nice to know that I am not the only one while on vacation or day trips makes sure to find a new scrapbook store to check out. My DH and family think I may plan some trips just so I can go check out a new store .

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  4. Darla Maesch Says:

    Where are you located in Traverse City? What is your address?
    My email-

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