Gypsy rumors squashed!

Several admin posts on the Cricut message boards today dispel the rumors of Gypsy erasing cartridges.

This post by McKay Brown states:

“There has been plenty of buzz about a coming product, Gypsy, and the way it will work with the Cricut cartridges. Many have speculated that using a cartridge with Gypsy will wipe the content from the Cricut Cartridge. This is not the case. People that buy Gypsy will be able to use any of their cartridges with your Gypsy OR any Cricut machine.”

In this message, Denise Rolfe, Market Research Director at Provo Craft, confirms that the Gypsy will not erase cartridges and explains how these rumors got started.

“I wanted to explain why I think there has been some confusion regarding the carts being erased/not being erased (Mckay confirmed they will NOT be erased). My team conducted several focus groups for Gypsy before it was launched, in an effort to test the product, and improve it based on customer feedback. One of the “concepts” was to transfer your content from your cartridge to your Gypsy (addressing copyright issues). This wasn’t something our focus group attendees were comfortable with, so we changed the product. The point of our focus groups is to make sure our products are as relevant and helpful as possible to the people that will be using these products. We asked everyone who attended to please not share what was discussed in these groups because the product a)hadn’t been launched, and b)the product would grow and evolve and we didn’t want to cause any confusion when the product changed. Unfortunately people shared their understanding of the product from the groups, after it had evolved/been improved, thus the confusion. Hope that clears up some of the reasons for the confusion around Gypsy’s features.”

I guess I can go back to being excited to see the new Gypsy and saving up so I can get one on release day!

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