I got to see a Gypsy!!!

I went to Michael’s today hoping it to see a Gypsy demonstration. I was disappointed when they told me that they weren’t doing the demonstration until October, but I talked the manager in the store into letting me take a look at one. I got to spend a few minutes holding it and even using it a bit.

Gypsy preview

It was not what I expected, and while I’m still excited about it, I have mixed feelings now. I only had a few minutes with it, but I’m sure like every other gadget it takes some playing with before you truly get the full functionality out of it.

We’ll see. Anyway, I am glad I got my own sneak preview!

If you can think it, you can Cri_cut!

4 Responses

  1. gypsycrafter Says:

    Oh! so exciting. You didn’t say why you have mixed feelings. Could you let us know what you did and didn’t like?

  2. rhaun Says:

    WOW! Lucky you! Can’t decide if I need one. It does look like something I’d love to check out though.

  3. sharon01 Says:

    Thanks for the chance, to bad I have mixed feeling about it to don’t think I will be getting one.

  4. Crazy about Cricut Says:

    I like the fact that it will hold all my carts and is portable. It’s much lighter than I thought it would be, which is nice, but the screen is small and I didn’t get to handle it long enough to see how user friendly it is. I’m sure I will get one, and hopefully I will love it once I get to use it and figure it all out, it just wasn’t exactly what I expected with all the hype you know?

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