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Simply Sweet Cartridge
How would you like to download free files, receive the latest cricut news in your inbox, and have a chance to win a free brand new Simply Sweet cartridge? It’s easy. Just register your email address with us and you will be automatically entered to win. Anyone who registers from now until July 31, 2009 is entered. Drawing will held on August 1, 2009 and winner will be notified by email.

Good luck and until then, Happy Cricuting!

133 Responses

  1. scrapbooknut1947 Says:

    Thanks for the ideas and the opportunity to win. Great site!

  2. LeahsCards Says:

    What a wonderful site. Thank you for the opportunity to win and also thank you for the great ideas.

  3. Card Diva Says:

    I’ve just found your website! Wow, looking forward to more interesting stuff on website.

  4. augie1237 Says:

    Great site. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. LisaRN499 Says:

    I registered about a week ago, but guess I forgot to leave a comment. Great site, and thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies!


  6. scrapdragon Says:

    Love your site. Your tutorial on painting your cricut!

  7. justdelms Says:

    Thanks for the great tips and free designs! Congrats to whoever wins!

  8. fstar Says:

    My husband would not want me be friends with you. He hates the color green. lol!! Enjoyed your website. I hope I can learn something from it. Thanks! (Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’d appreciate it.) You’re Simply Sweet too, for giving everyone a chance to win this Cart without really asking much in return.

  9. brockrcncm Says:

    Love your website

  10. newinker Says:

    Love this site, thanks for all the great information.

  11. glasslyn Says:

    I am so excited that I found your website. Thanks!

  12. moknowsall Says:

    would like to register for your drawing and mailing list. thanks


  13. Magician Says:

    I already registered yesterday and I love your website!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  14. MaMaK Says:

    Just found info about this site on the Cricut forum. A big thanks from new-bys! And the ‘win’ offer is great! Thanks for the ideas and kkep them coming!

  15. austumnsgrandma Says:

    I think I have already registered. My days have been running together lately. Thank you so much for the free flower files. I am looking forward to many more flower files from you.

  16. klwalley520 Says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you! I’m registered!

  17. iu97alum Says:

    Registered! Now to look around!

  18. Grits4ever Says:

    Thanks for offering such a sweet RAK!!! Love your blog!!

    Thanks, Karen

  19. iluv2scrap206 Says:

    PICK me pick me…. I want to win…..

  20. Karie Says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. virginiacagle Says:

    Thank you for offering such great blog candy!

  22. amyandkids Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this cart!

  23. jtterpst Says:

    Just found your site. It’s beautiful. I’ll be back for more.

  24. mom2cnc Says:

    Just registered. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ll be back to explore your site more!

  25. Kellieosa Says:

    Thanks for the contest. Great site

  26. trioboysmommy Says:

    I am so excited I really would love to get this cart but money is tight right now

  27. Mindy Says:

    I have register and am excited for the chance to win! What a neat blog!

  28. SnOwEy16 Says:

    Love your site! Will visit many times and thanks for the chance to win the wonderful cartridge.

  29. Katara Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win such an awesome cartridge! Love your site and your files. Thanks again.

  30. CraftyCathy Says:

    How wonderful of you to give away this cartridge! I’d love an opportunity to win!

    Nice website….I’ll be checking back often!

  31. DebTarp Says:

    131 feels lucky!
    Thanks for a chance to win.


  32. justbugginout Says:

    thanks for the awesome blog candy

  33. MsChewie Says:

    You’ve got a great site here with lots of wonderful information, keep up the good work!

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