Secret Contest…. well, it’s not really a secret

Hi everyone! I want take a minute and thank everyone who has registered with me for my July contest. I never imagined the success I would have.

I have received many, many positive and uplifting comments, both here and on the Cricut messageboards, and if I never personally thanked you, I want to do so now. The only thing that makes me happier than sitting in my craftroom cutting with my Cricut is sharing all the things I have learned with others, and this blog has provided the perfect outlet for that.

I’m announcing another constest for the month of August. To find out what to do to enter, you’ll need to register and login.

As always, I will be posting tips and tricks, as well as projects and other news, so be sure to check back often. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for next months contest (they’re only getting better!), as well as opportunities to win other prizes throughout the month. Good luck everyone and remember, If you can think it…. you can Cric-cut!!!

42 Responses

  1. tini13 Says:

    how sweet of you to post such awesome contests

  2. airmansprincess Says:

    ooh super prize! i want this cart so bad!!! good luck to everyone entered =)

  3. toaster Says:

    I’m a fan! Great site. Thanks for doing this.

  4. lisao Says:

    Thanks for doing this! Here’s hoping!

  5. Katara Says:

    Another great contest and fabulous prize from you! This is such a wonderful thing for you to do! Thank-you so much for a chance to win the #1 cart on my wish list! My fingers are crossed, and my toes! 😉 My husband was in the Army and I have family members that are in the Marines, hence the reason this cart is #1 on my wish list! Love the Free File Paper Bouquet! Thanks for sharing and thank-you again for a chance to win this cart!

  6. vpowell Says:

    This is so nice. I wanted the last cart you offered but I believe I want this cart more. Great giveaway. I will be checking in often

  7. Mindy Says:

    Congrats on the sucess of your contest. Thanks for offering another one!

  8. Bebo Says:

    Thanks for a great opportunity to win great prizes.

  9. Sapna Says:

    Thanks for this great opportunity. It will be so cool to win this from you 🙂

  10. cczar Says:

    Great contest! Thanks!!

  11. cjrushing Says:

    awesome contest

  12. bonniebug Says:

    Great contest and a super great prizes.Thanks for doing it.I got great tips and tricks on here.I am crossing everything I can find in hopes to win them.It is 1 of the carts I have on my wish list,I only have 2 carts anyway,I just started out.

  13. bratsssrus Says:

    What a great contest! I’ve wanted Stand & Salue…Too bad I don’t do Facebook but I wish everyone else the best of luck!! How nice of you to offer such great prizes!!

  14. iluv2scrap206 Says:

    I want to win……

  15. queenb682 Says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, I would love all of these prizes. You are GREAT!

  16. Anno712 Says:

    You are awesome for doing this… I’m so excited!

  17. ebedner Says:

    What an awesome contest – thanks so much for doing it! 🙂 You have a great website here! I look forward to more posts! 🙂

  18. Mindy Says:

    I don’t know what is neater, the cart of the bag! What neat prizes…..I would love this cart!

  19. helran Says:

    I love your site!!! Thanks!

  20. faithfule Says:

    I really LOVE your blog!

  21. iluv2scrap206 Says:

    I love to enter, but I want to win…….

  22. cczar Says:


  23. abusyfamilyof6 Says:

    OMG- this would be prefect. my son is going to be signing up for the service – following the footsteps his deceased father. This cartridge would be great addition for our collection. (we have 4 teenagers who all scrapbook and make cards for soldiers.) Thank you for this opportunity!

  24. CraftyCathy Says:

    Your contests are AWESOME!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  25. LisaRN499 Says:

    thanks for the great contest!!! I want this cart to do LO’s for my military friends I work with as well as my son who is an airman! And thanks for all the great tips too!


  26. GrandmaD Says:

    Love your site. Already a FB follower.

  27. scrapmom49 Says:

    I became a fan. Thanks for the oppotunity to win.

  28. wantsmoney Says:

    Love your website. I, too thank you for the opportunity to win such great prizes.

  29. Laurie K Says:

    I am a fan! This is a great contest! Love this site!!

  30. plumeriastix Says:

    Your site is awesome, I will be reading it in depth tomorrow to learn more! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a great cartridge.

  31. busymomto4 Says:

    Love the Cricut green bag! Awsesome site. Keep the info coming 🙂

  32. SummerLovingGal Says:

    oh great…I’m already a new fan! Thanks 🙂

  33. alteredartexpressions Says:

    So happy to have found your site! I have learned so much! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

  34. scrapbookjunkee Says:

    great website. thanks for posting the contest!! good luck everyone!!!

  35. caitlynsmommy Says:

    Oh how cool! Too bad I dont have Facebook either but what fun!

  36. jmiller32583 Says:

    woohoo! Great rak! I just became a fan on my fb!

  37. aandbsmommy Says:

    I just stumbled upon this website and thank goodness I did. What an awesome site. Keep up the great work, you just got another follower and facebook fan!

  38. Jennifer Moore Says:

    Glad I finally got on this site.
    Lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing. See you at Cricut class!

  39. tanyaisis Says:

    very cool

  40. Josie0602 Says:

    Great blog and great prizes you offer to your followers. Thanks for all you do!

  41. Emmy Says:

    I love your web site, but can’t become a Facebook fan. I don’t have time for anything that would take me away from the Cricut MB! LOL!!! Good luck to your winner, though.

  42. kselzer Says:

    I just became a fan 🙂

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