Class Hosting Policy

Thank you for your interest in hosting a class. Below you’ll find information on classes, pricing, and how to become a host.


  • My two most popular classes are the Cricut Basics and my Intro to Design Studio class.
  • The CB is a 3 hour class designed for the person who has not yet used their Cricut machine or has used it very little. It includes a lot of product info and and introduction on setting your machine up straight out of the box. There are a lot of tips, tricks and special features as well, but this is not a class designed around a single project.
  • The IDS is an intro course as well, and it requires general knowledge of how to use your Cricut, although you don’t necessarily have to take my CB.
  • I also do other classes, based on your preference. It can be based around a project, cartridge, theme, or whatever else you like. Please contact me for pricing/availability, or to discuss ideas.

Distance and Pricing

All prices and policies below are for classes within 150 miles of downtown Columbus, Ohio. For information on further distances, please contact me.

  • Cricut Basics and Intro to Design Studio are $25 per person, per class. There is a 10 person/$250 minimum for the first 3 hour class. For a second class in the same location, there is a 6 person/$150 minimum. You can have as many people as can comfortable fit in your space, but please remember for CB, everyone will have their Cricut machine.
  • A $100 deposit is required immediately upon securing your date. The deposit is refundable if the date can be filled by another party. If your date cannot be filled, you can use the deposit to reschedule your class for another date. The balance of your payment can be made the date of the class, however I ask that it be one payment either by check or credit card through paypal.
  • A materials list will be sent to the host once the date has been secured.

Setup Requirements

  • For Cricut Basics, you’ll need to have space for at least 10 to have their Cricut machine as well as tools, supplies, etc. I will not be using a Cricut so you do not have to have a space for me.
  • For Intro to Design Studio, there are no required materials for students, but you’ll need to have access to a very dark room with a blank wall. For more questions regarding setup, please contact me.
  • Setup requirements vary for other classes and will discussed on an individual basis.

If you would like to host, please contact me with a location and a couple available dates. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to host in your home. If you have access to a church or community center, these work out really well.

Any day of the week is fine, although weekends fill up fast. The more advance notice the better, but I will do what I can to accommodate your group.

If you have any questions not answered, please contact me and I will be happy to answer.