More Greeting Cards

If you knew me, you’d know that my favorite thing to make with my Cricut is my greeting cards. I have a large collections, some that I’ve made, some that others have made me, I keep them all.

Happy St. Patty's! Owl card

I’ve even made some I thought were so cute I didn’t want to give them away. Or like on one occasion, I made my husband a Valentines Day card that he had to turn around and give back so i could put it on display. He was okay with it though. His exact words I believe were “Did you make this for me or for you?” He knew the answer. But it’s the thought that counts right?

Valentines Day Card Valentines Day Card

Am I the only one who has to spend hours on a greeting card before we can make it to the party?

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  1. DebB55 Says:

    Nice website!!!! Thanks for the invite!

  2. jcamp2020 Says:

    Very clever!

  3. adrianamtz Says:

    This is too cute, what cartridge was used to do this one????

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