My Gypsy Experience

So after the wait, I got my Gypsy. I ordered from HSN and although I’ve never ordered from them before, I have to say it was a pleasure to deal with them. I ordered over the phone and got right through, I was treated pleasantly and received my Gypsy when I expected.

The problem? I connected my Gypsy to my computer, designed a few things and couldn’t wait to cut them out. Except I couldn’t get my Gypsy connected to my Cricut. After repeatedly trying to fit a square peg in a circular shaped hole, I realize that I didn’t have the correct cord. It was missing. Okay. Mistakes happen. No big deal. Except that after talking to a friend of mine who also ordered a Gypsy, I realized she had the same problem only a the cord that was missing from her Gypsy was the cord to connect to the computer. What are the odds?

After going to the message boards at, I found out this happened to a lot of people, in addition to software issues, and a lot of people who are sorry they already loaded cartridges on it. Also, quite a few people posting messages to the admins but getting no responses at least as far as I can tell.

First thing I did was call HSN, figuring they probably couldn’t do anything, and I was right, although I spoke to a very nice girl named Amber who seemed very concerned that I couldn’t use my Gypsy without the necessary cord. I’m also pretty sure Amber didn’t know what a Cricut or a Gypsy was but she was concerned nonetheless, which made me feel a little better. She gave me the number to Provo Craft. This was another story. After waiting on hold for an hour and a half, I got someone who while nice, didn’t really seem to understand what I was saying. She said they would send me the correct cord, so in 5-7 days we’ll see, and I got it pretty quickly so that’s a plus! In fact I made this card using the Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings Cart. I got the idea from a video at To make the window which is holding the Happy Birthday, I used the acetate from the package of my Cricut cartridges.

First Gypsy Project

My overall impression of the Gypsy has been okay. I’m not sure it could have lived up to the hype, although I guess I’ll know more once I am actually able to use it a lot. I’ll give you a quick rundown.


  • The best thing in my opinion is the fact that you can carry all your carts and design on the go. I am a gadget person, and also someone who likes small things so this is a plus for me.
  • The fact that it is lightweight, although honestly I didn’t know whether that was a pro or con, as it kind of feels lightweight in a cheap, not made well kinda way. Maybe this is a con?


  • The price, and the fact that for that price I can’t use it right away. $300 is a lot to ask someone to spend on a product that still has issues.
  • It seems like not a lot of thought was put into this, although a lot of effort was used to push the product for a long time before the launch. There is no user guide, except a downloadable one that from I have heard is giving errors when attempting to download.
  • The whole cartridge issue is a big one for me, especially since I had loaded a couple carts on mine when I realized I didn’t have all the parts. I know, I should have checked everything when I opened the box, but it worries me a little that when I talked to Amber at HSN, her solution was to send the whole thing back and get a new one. Would I have not been able to download those same carts on the new one? What if I return it, or it breaks? I just don’t like the fact that to really get use from this thing, I have to deflate the value of my cartridges.
  • I’m not sure how user friendly it is. It’s very small, which is great for portability, but when you’re used to using Design Studio on a big computer screen, it’s an adjustment. This will come with time.

Overall, for me it works out great. Since I teach a variety of things, and am always lugging around lots of stuff, any way to reduce stuff is great, and this definitely does that. I’m just not sure if the average user is going to feel the same. I will say that they seem to be doing a lot of updates so it can only get better if that’s the case. As always with first generation electronic equipment, I’m sure the price will go down and the product will get better. I might have waited if I didn’t need it to teach.

I’ll definitely be making more with it and telling everyone about it, so keep checking back.

In the meantime, if you can think it… you can Cricut!

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  1. Says:

    I just couldn’t help myself when HSN debuted the Cricut Gypsy Sept 24th. I bought it thinking it would be great to be able to “design on the go”. Unfortunately, I haven’t even remembered to take it with me. What’s up with that? I wanted it as much as a teenager wants his or her first kiss, and now I can’t even remember to take it with me! Another odd thing, I went back to playing with my Pazzles Inspiration cutter after I got the Gypsy. I had stopped for awhile, while I played with my new baby bug cutter (Cricut). Maybe I should send the Gypsy back or sell it on eBay. I think I may have just hit my crafting gadget overload.

  2. cvansyckle Says:

    I’m loving my Gypsy! I watched as many videos I could find on it and then looked at every help button on the Gypsy I could find and then just started playing! Now I’m having a blast! I used the zoom button a lot and that really helps! I love being able to place designs on the mat from different cartridges I own and cut them out on one mat. Plus with the new pause feature, I figured out how to use my color cartridge pens to outline my designs and can outline them all using the pause feature to change the colors of the pens! I’m sorry for those of you who are having problems. I grew up with computers, so I guess I’m used to “growing pains” with any new technology. But being able to take my Gypsy with me is fantastic! It sure makes my doctor’s appointment a lot more fun!

  3. iluv2scrap206 Says:

    I am so glad to see what you think of this before I spend my money on it…..

  4. Kate Says:

    I’m not sure what it is I’m missing, but I just don’t understand the point of having a Gypsy. I read your review with interest though. The only advantage I see is that it can be carried in a purse and used on the go – but I never have time on the go to use such a device. Besides, I prefer having everything already set up in my craft room. I’ll keep reading to see if there is anything I am missing, but at this point, I am more than content to be Gypsy-free!

  5. LisaRN499 Says:

    thanks for your review…good to know this before I took the plunge. I may wait a while for the “green” bugs to work themselves out. But with that said..Very cute card!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  6. gypsycrafter Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I do not have the disposable income to be a gadget junkie. lol.

    I am wondering if the cord was missing because right now the G is not ready to play with CDS. That seems to be the understanding on the cricut mb. PC is still asking for cut files to test the compatibility between the 2 programs. Why they didn’t just fix CDS and make it the software on the G I don’t know.

    Keep us informed of more of your Gyspsy adventures! I want to know more.

    ~craftykaren~ (cricut mb name)

  7. Candie Says:

    I Just Love The Little Boy With The Pumkins, How Cute!!!

  8. inspired2scrap Says:

    Personally I think the Gypsy is not a need if you use a computer alot but I’m a gadget girl too and I have just set up my new Gypsy! I spend over an hour linking up all my cartridges (and yes having the same concerns as you now…lol) when I came to cut for the first time I received a message telling me I had to update the software on my Cricut Expression. I was hesitant to do this knowing I had Sure Cuts Alot installed, never the less I hit the GO button (afterall I had just spent $500 NDZ on the Gypsy)sure enough after the upgrade I couldn’t use my SCAL but after a visiting the SCAL website I purchased an upgrade and I’m delighted to say my SCAL is working again!! YAY I can still have the best of both worlds…I LOVE MY GYPSY!!

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